Step into a Whimsical Wonderland of Acrylic Artistry at Funk’edd - Funky headwear and accessories. Where wearable art meets personal expression.

At Funk’edd I invite you to embark on a magical journey where earrings become enchanting talismans of self-expression. My handmade earrings are not just accessories; they are stories waiting to be told, celebrations of the extraordinary and unique style that resides within each of us.

Picture a world where imagination knows no bounds, where colours dance and shapes come to life. This is the realm in which the designs are born. Every pair of earrings is lovingly designed and handcrafted, infusing whimsy and wonder with artistic vision and craftsmanship.

I believe that your style is a vibrant tapestry of quirks, expression, and unabashed individuality. That's why the collections are an ode to celebrating the extraordinary in you.

Whether you're a whimsical dreamer, an eclectic trendsetter, or an audacious fashion explorer, funkedd collection's offers a treasure trove of options to suit your personal style. 

At Funk’edd, we believe that life is too short to conform to the ordinary. Embrace the extraordinary, celebrate your individual style, and let our handmade accessories become an integral part of your original narrative. Welcome to a world where imagination knows no bounds, and your style reigns supreme.

Much Love

Beth (designer, maker, creator, photographer, publisher, promoter and all the things in-between behind the scenes.)